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Creating a Brighter Future

Preparing for the brightest future, CT Piano Studio provides unparalleled dedication and commitment to students and their variety of needs, passions and dreams. Explore our website to learn more about us.

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Go ahead! Learn to play piano!

 Bring music into your life!

My name is Larissa Friedenberg and I’m the founder of CT Piano Studio which is a professional piano teaching studio for music lovers of all ages. CT Piano Studio is located in Stamford CT and lessons are offered at the studio, at the student’s home and online. Virtual piano is a viable learning tool and can be a stand-alone lesson or a mix of in-person and online sessions. Starting from the very young to mature and the very wise I offer a warm and supportive atmosphere for learning to play this wonderful instrument. 


Let’s begin!

Are you curious about the piano?

I’m a concert pianist with a Master of Music degree from The Juilliard School. I’ve been teaching and performing for many years!I’m happy to share with you my love of music, my skills in playing piano and a lot of professional knowledge and expertise in understanding this amazing instrument. 
Learning to play piano is a wonderful idea for your child and for you. No particular skills are required to start. If you have a desire to play and curiosity about the instrument you will learn!Take a slow approach and stick with it! That’s it!


Let’s make a plan!


You will be learning how to read music, count the rhythm, how to develop good technique, how to produce good tone and make the piano “sing” and - above all - how to become a good musician.Here is the journey you will be on: budding musician, developing musician, amateur musician and possibly a professional musician. You will have many opportunities to perform your pieces and make wonderful progress. There will be regular showcases and workshops on both Zoom and in-person for the students and families as well as invited guests. 


Showcases, workshops  and performances 

Nerves? Butterflies? Performing live is perfect way to get calm and confident in front of people. That’s your new skill!

Our regular Musical Journey Zoom workshops and showcases are a wonderful relaxed way to perform in front of a supportive audience. “Spotlight on a Soloist” is an opportunity to present a program of 3-4 pieces with an introduction of musical history and a description of every piece you will perform. Do you like to write or recite poetry? You are welcome to include it in your solo performance.The spotlight is on you!Go ahead, get comfortable in front of your audience! 


I’m excited to teach you!

What’s next?

Personality matters! I believe in engaging my students and making them excited about music and learning to play. Music changes your life. 

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“I believe in the rational, but not in the magical power of education.”

And it’s magical, too!

Maria Edgeworth

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Can’t wait to meet you!

CT Piano Studio always has its doors open. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions regarding our academics, events, students, staff or anything else.

West Broad StreetStamford CT


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